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Sample Pages
Page from Southern Fried 9

Snooze I Lose, is a one page story I did way back in 1994. It even predates the first issue of Southern Fried. I found it when I was putting together 9 and it was only half inked. There were lots of brown age spots on the art but I think I managed to clean it up okay.

Southern Fried 9 is a 28 paged digest and sells for $3.00 ppd.

Page from Southern Fried 8

Southern Fried 8 is a lightweight issue with only 12 pages. It only cost's $1.00 ppd

Page from Rattletrap1

Rattletrap 1 is a 24 page digest and cost's $2.00 ppd

Page from SF 7

Page from Southern Fried 6

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