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Page previews for issue 2!
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The Electric Weenie

Welcome to the one and only site dedicated to the small press comic by Jerry Smith!

More fun than a claw hammer! More interesting than Dharma and Greg! It's the one and only Electric Weenie! Hoot! A hero for the times. A being we can all look at and say, "What th...?" With little trouble you should be able to access all things weenie here. Letters, fan art, the latest news, and sneak peeks at upcoming pages! Hot dang!! Thats better than cheese in a can!!

At this writing issue one has just been released. I'm currently writing issue 5. I would like to get ahead on the story's and have several to work with. I would like to try and have a new issue out every two months. I'm gonna try and do it, at least for a while.

Please write me with your insights and comments on the comic or anything else you wanna discuss.

The Electric Weenie number 2

The cover of issue 2!

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What's New?

I just finished issue 2. To be released at the end of March.

Only $1.00 (postage included) Now thats a deal! 20 digest pages!

Keep checking back here for regular updates on whats happening in Weinerville!