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Letters Page

Please send you letters to:
Jerry Smith
3344 Horner Dr
Morristown, Tn 37814
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This is your best issue yet! This issue ties up everything that's happened thus far, and kind of sets the tone for things to come. I think this is definitely your best artistic issue-it's obvious that you have slowed down and put a bit more time into the art. Although you're working in a more cartoonly style these days, your attention to facial expressions and gestures is always evident. Not everybody's work looks good in the mini-format--your's however, does. You did this issue using a basic four-panel page(which works quite well in a mini), and managed to keep good pacing to the story. Well done!
I look forward to seeing your son's character in action next issue-looks cool! Don't be afraid to stretch the limits of what you can do with this comic. I think it has as much potential as Nik Dirga's, Ameoba Adventures, so run with it!
Doug Freeman
[Well, I don't know about being in the same league with Nik's AB, but thanks! One thing I've never been was, "afraid to stretch the limits". I've told several people in the past that, when I set out to make this comic, I did so with this in mind... rule nothing out! I want MF to be the type of comic that you never know whats going to happen next! Don't get to comforable with the way things are because they won't be that way long.
Here's a review MF got at Almost Normal Comics...
"Hey kids,the team is in a world of hurt. Mr. Bone's body has been burned and his head buried by a dog. Lugmutt finds himself on a higher plain with John Lennon's head, a Blue Meanie, and Nowhere Man. Dimunitive Lass is imprisioned and being guarded by Junebug. All the while a fish with a robotic body terrorizes mankind to avenge all the wrongs done to his species by man! Oh, and this rampaging just happens to be the group's new leader. Jerry Smith's Miracle Force is the most unique team of super heroes currently gracing the pages of comics. There are twists and turns and completely unexpected story arcs that continue to make MF an interesting read. And if you're looking for some original comic art, each panel is for sale for only $5.00! This is a neat little comic that every small press fan should try!]
Thanks so much for the new Miracle Force. I love this comic, Jerry! It kind of reminds me of my all time favorite series, the original Doom Patrol. It has that same kind of Peculiar superteam family feeling that I love. There's a kind of casualness to it,too; you make this look effortless and easy(which we both know it isn't), and thats the true make of a great creator. I had thought Southern Fried was my favorite of your books, but I'm not sure now. It's a toss up, and thats saying a lot.
Troy Hickman
I love Miracle Force! The super fast changes are great. More and more this comic is reminding me of the 1960's comic, Doom Patrol! The bizarre varied backgrounds of the members, the humor, the pace, the real personalities--it's all there! This is a very appealing comic strip. Your art really suits it--but it would work just as well with some silver-age DC artist doing it!
 I write to Dan Nauenburg a lot. An issue of this Miracle Force drawn by him would be a glorious thing to behold. A real flashback to the days when comic books were fun!
 Mr. Bones is fascinating! Funny and creepy! And you managed to handle Diminutive Lass's "problem" and the resulting nudity in a way that was funny and not vulgar! Not many cartoonists could do that these days.
 I love the strange mix of bizarre, freaky events, concepts, and ideas--with the characters matter of fact,everyday,down to earth responses! (Shopping for doll-clothes at Wal-Mart!! Bwa-Ha-Haw!) And "viruses" as bad guys! WOW! Great stuff! I love this comic! Keep 'em coming, Jerry!
Larry Blake
[Hey Troy and Larry, it may surprise you that I've never read an issue of Doom Patrol. Of course your comments have sparked my interest. The next time I go to a comic book show I'm gonna be on the look out for the title.]
 I can't remember just how long ago I read this comic(but judging from the postmark it's been(yikes) two and a half monthes ago!), but I really enjoyed it when I got it. Laugh out loud comics like this really make my day. It's always good to read your wacky hero comics; such a contrast to Southern Fried, but both are excellent at what they do! Picasso? No way! Well...I guess the DNA checks out. I really liked the Junebug's henchmen too("I swear, I can't breathe in this helmet."), and, ("Holy Smokes, It's an overweight turtle!")
  I really hope to see more of this group. Lot's of fun dialog interplay between the the gang; and some pretty odd characters to boot! Lugmutt's situation has got to be one of the most oddly, original situations I've read about in a long time!
Dale Martin

  Just wanted to drop you a quick note and tell you how much I enjoyed Miracle Force number 1. Thank you for sending it to me. It was very funny and artistically enjoyable. I love the art style you chose for this comic. I think the ideal of a fish in a fishbowl on top of a robot body is hilarious! Thanks for entertaining me and giving me a good laugh.
Brien Wayne Powell


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Miracle Force no.3

Terrific cover of Miracle Force number 3 rendered by none other than the great DAVID HEDGECOCK!

dynamite pin-up by S.A.McClung!


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